Random Pictures

Hello, people! Me and my youth group had an awesome opportunity to minister by singing at an assisted living home tonight. It was really great to see the people smiling and singing along and they really enjoyed it. I decided to post some random pictures for this post. Hope you enjoy. 🙂

IMG_1898 - Copy

Here’s a picture of Lissie before she was sent to the Doll Hospital. I brushed the underside of her hair. Isn’t this kind of creepy?


Isn’t this picture totally adorbs?


Pretty Caroline


A cute picture of my friends’ Kit doll. I love how her hair is flipped out.


I love this picture of Chental. She’s so pretty!


Caroline hugging my leg. Isn’t this cute? I love the lighting.


Shayne before her Doll Hospital visit when I’d brushed her hair weird. She looks so awful! 😦 Her skin is so dirty! I’m so glad she looks so much better now!

Well, I don’t want to bore you guys, so that’s all I’ll put for this post. Are you all getting excited for Christmas? I am! Have a nice day!


4 thoughts on “Random Pictures

    • They have come back from the Doll Hospital. I sent them a while ago, but I was looking at old pictures and found these. Shayne’s profile pic is from after the Hospital, but I still have to take some new pics of Alissa. I was thinking of doing Doll Hospital before and after posts, but I haven’t yet. I probably will in the future.



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