Name That Doll

Hello to you all! Day before Christmas Eve! So exciting! Tomorrow my family and I will get our tree. We’re a little behind schedule because my dad has just finished turning our garage into a family/school/craft room. Now we have more room for decorating. And now that he’s done with the garage, he’ll be able to start building my room soon. Since my great-grandma- Nanny moved in in March, I’ve been sharing a room with my younger brother, Nathan. I will be very glad to get a room to myself again, and when it’s done and set up, I’ll do a post on it. Tomorrow, we’re also going to have a special breakfast, decorate, and open presents, because on Christmas, we’re going to my grandparents’ house. I’m super excited! What are you doing for Christmas? Anyway, enough with my rambling. ILoveAGDolls has requested I do a Name That Doll of MYAG #55. I know what I’d name her since I have her. I love my #55, and her name is Natalia Grace, although more commonly called Natalie. But what’s important here is what you would name her. So comment below with what you would call this doll. You may pick more than one name. I’ll probably post some results in a week. Merry Christmas, and happy coming up with names!

Image - JLY55.jpg - American Girl Dolls Wiki


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