My Story as a Doll Lover :)

So, this is the story of me loving dolls and becoming the “American Girl Connoisseur” as my dad calls me. (Man, connoisseur is hard to spell.)

I’ve always loved dolls and had several Barbies and Polly Pockets, as well as other dolls, when I was younger. I can remember wanting an American Girl doll from a very young age. I used to get the AG catalogs and want every Bitty Baby thing I saw. I also used to read AG books. I was given an 18″ doll for my birthday when I was seven, I think. She was a Battat doll from T. J. Maxx. I liked her, but I knew she wasn’t AG. I would say, “She’s not American Girl, but she can wear their clothes.” I forget when, but I was little, when I got my first AG mini doll, Kit. Sadly, I don’t have her any more, but back then, they made the mini dolls so their eyes could open and close, just like the big dolls.

I received my first 18″ American Girl doll when I was 10. My grandma gave me an AG catalog and said, “Circle what you like.” I, being a little kid, circled a whole lot. I really wanted the Kirsten doll, because she was my favorite historical character. I actually wound up getting Felicity that Christmas, because it was 2009, and by the time my grandma called, Kirsten had gone into the Archives.Felicity was one of the other dolls I circled because I liked her purple dress. But now, I’m glad I got Lissie, because I like her better than Kirsten. I changed her name to Alissa this year, because I wasn’t really fond of the name Felicity.

I got several more AG and other 18″ dolls since then. I don’t really like other kinds of dolls anymore, so I got rid of them  year or two ago. I got into the world of doll blogging in an interesting way. I’d forgotten what the AG doll Elizabeth looked like, so I looked her up. I clicked on a certain photo of her, and it said something about putting clothes from porcelain dolls on AG dolls. I thought it sounded interesting, so I went to the site. It was Liz’s blog, AmericanGirlFan. I started visiting her blog regularly. Eventually, I found out about Jaclynn and Carli’s blog, and I started going to their blogs a lot, and I’ve added more blogs to my “Go To” list. But going to all these blogs, made me think it would be fun to start my own blog. I thought about it for a while, then finally started this blog in November. I advertised in comments on other blogs, and thankfully, I now have you, my lovely followers and readers! Thanks! That’s basically my whole doll story, condensed. I hope you enjoyed it!


Alissa, my beautiful first doll! I love her eye color!

Anyway, bye for now!


3 thoughts on “My Story as a Doll Lover :)

    • Good! I’m not against other doll brands, after all not all my dolls are AG, it’s just that I don’t really enjoy playing with other kinds of dolls any more. I don’t actually act out stories with my dolls any more, and I kept just the AG dolls because I still like them. I feel like you can do more with AG dolls. Like hair and stuff. AG’s are just my favorite. 🙂



  1. Once upon a time, a seven year old looked at a catalog and said the words her parents had been dreading: “I want to buy a doll!”
    Yup that’s me. My cousin and i have the same MAG.


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