Contest Results and A Prayer Request

Hi, girls! I’m posting the results to both the Who Looks Better, and the Name That Doll. Both were quite fun and got a lot of votes. The winner of Name That Doll is…


Natalie! I thought this was kind of funny, because, although both dolls looked cute, I would have voted for Shayne.

The winning name for the Name That Doll for My American Girl 61 was…

Ginger! I think this name fits her very well. All the name suggestions were very good.

My prayer request is for my right foot. I’m having a surgery on it next Wednesday to have bunions removed. If any of you are given to prayer, I would really appreciate you praying for me. Thanks! 😀


20 thoughts on “Contest Results and A Prayer Request

  1. You got it! That’s not a fun surgery. Do what the doc says and you’ll heal fine! Plan ahead and have something to watch or read so you’re not feeling too antsy. Now would be a good time to binge watch a tv series!


    • Yep. I had the other foot done already. But, according to what the doctor said, I’ll probably recover quicker than from my last surgery. Thanks for your prayers. 🙂



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