YOU and A!

Hey, girlies! Yesterday I got this idea. Instead of you guys asking me questions, I’m going to ask you questions! So, I’ll write the questions, and if you want, you can answer below. One thing I like about going on other people’s blogs is getting to know them better. And since you guys come to my blog, I’d love to get to know each of you better. πŸ™‚ Okay, so here we go.

1. How old are you?

2. Which AG doll is your favorite?

3. Of all the AG dolls, which one looks most like you?

4. How many dolls do you have?

No higher resolution available.Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  ... my sister already called her though). And a few more like Elizabeth

5. My American Girl 44 or My American Girl 49? (And do you guys think they look too much alike?)

6. If you could make any combination of American Girl doll, what would she look like?

7. What is your favorite movie? Who’s you’re favorite character from that movie?

8. Lanie’s Meet Outfit or McKenna’s Meet Outfit?

9. What is your favorite thing to do?

10. What is your favorite food? Favorite dessert?

Well, this has been fun and I hope you have fun answering the questions. HaveΒ a nice day!

:), Morgan

40 thoughts on “YOU and A!

  1. This is an awesome idea, Morgan! πŸ™‚ Here are my answers

    1. I don’t want to say how old I am, but I am a teenager. πŸ™‚
    2. My all around favorite AG doll is probably Samantha.
    3. The AG doll that looks the most like me might be this one:
    But I don’t think she looks much like me. πŸ˜‰
    4. I have a doll family, and that consists of 5 dolls. πŸ™‚
    5. I like My AG 44 better. She is so unique and pretty!
    6. I would like a doll with pretty wavy dark brown hair(semi long) with natural highlights, partial bangs, green eyes, and light skin.
    7. My favorite movie would be one of the Sherwood Pictures movies. I don’t really know which one.
    8. This is difficult, but probably McKenna’s meet outfit. It’s pretty nice.
    9. Well I love to do a lot of things, but one thing I love to do is make things for my dolls.
    10. I love so many foods, but some I especially are: pasta, sweet potatoes(without marshmallows!!!), and I just love the vegetables carrots and peppers. πŸ™‚ Oh and my favorite dessert is chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream. πŸ™‚

    ~Christian Homeschooler

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  2. 1. I’m 28, an adult collector who has loved AG since she was 9.
    2. Sam has always been my favorite.
    3. This would have to be a custom: mid-lenth blond hair, hazel eyes, light skin, bangs, classic face mold.
    4. I probably have too many dolls but I love each and every one of them!
    6. Marie Grace face mold, long wavy brown hair with carmel highlights, hazel eyes.
    7. LOTR, Gandalf
    8. Lanie
    9. play with dolls, or swim
    10. bacon macaroni and cheese. chocolate peanut butter ice cream.
    This was fun! Thanks Morgan.


  3. What a great idea Morgan! Here are my answers:

    1. I am 13 years old.
    2. I am not sure who my favorite AG doll is. I
    3. Julie Albright looks most like me.
    4. I have 8 18″ dolls and a toddler 19″ doll and a 23″ doll.
    5. I like MAG 49. Actually I have her and she is beautiful. Her name is Morissa and she looks great in Josephina’s clothes. I don’t think MAG 44 looks like her.
    6. She would have red hair, freckles, hazel eyes, and a slight bang to the side(like Lanie’s).
    7. This is a hard question! It changes every so often. Right now, it is Into the Woods and my favorite character from it is Cinderella.
    8. Lanie’s meet outfit(I do like McKenna’s though).
    9. I like to do lots of things. My favorite doll thing to do is take photos.
    10. My favorite food is fruit. My favorite dessert is a big fruit bowl with some Enjoy Life chocolate chips sprinkled on top. (I am vegan).

    This was really fun Morgan! Can I do this on my blog just not the same questions?



  4. 1. I am 12 years old.
    2. I really like Kanani.
    3. She looks most like me:
    4. I have 7 dolls all together (4 of them are sisters that have been passed down).
    5. I like curly-haired dolls so 44.
    6. I really don’t know, this question is SUPER hard….
    7. Why are you doing this to me?! I really like footloose (2011) and bedtime stories and We Bought a Zoo um… I really like Ramona and Besus! And many more!!
    8. Lanie’s
    9. Read, take pictures of my dolls and hangout with my sisters and doggies πŸ™‚
    10. You are killing me, Morgan! But I love fruit and candy πŸ˜€ I like anything chocolate for desert or any time πŸ™‚

    I was really bad at that! πŸ™‚


  5. 1. I’m not allowed to say, but I’m younger than 12.
    2.Super hard… But probably Kanani. (And sadly, I don’t have her)
    3.#23 or Grace, I’m not sure which looks more like me.
    4.6 dollies πŸ™‚
    5.49 and no, I don’t think they look alike at all!
    6.Hmm… Marie-Grace facemold, Mia freckles, and shoulder length red hair.
    7.Hmm… Melificent and Aurora
    8. Probably McKenna
    9. I have a lot but here’s a few: Read, Write, Play with my dolls, and I take horse back riding lessons twice a week.
    10. Favorite food: Fish, preferably salmon. I’m just weird like that. πŸ˜‰
    Favorite desert: My mom’s home-made “Cherry Dump Cake” it’s AMAZING!!! πŸ˜‰


  6. What a great idea! Here are my answers:
    1. I’d rather not say. πŸ™‚
    2. My favorite AG doll is probably Lanie Holland.
    3. The doll that looks most like me is Grace Thomas!
    4. I have 3 AG dolls, 1 OG doll, and 2 unknown brand dolls. So, that makes 6! I also have an AG mini doll.
    5. Definitely #44! I’ve always thought she looks kind’ve like Kanani. I think #44 and #49 don’t look at all alike.
    6. I would make a doll with light skin, eyes the color of MYAG #55’s, and long auburn/red hair that goes all the way to her feet!
    7. I don’t really have one.:)
    8. Definitely Lanie’s!
    9. I like to travel, take pictures, play the violin, talk to friends on the phone, sew, ans shop.:)
    10. My favorite food is pasta, and my favorite dessert is anything chocolate. ;D


  7. This sounds a bit fun!
    1. I don’t want to give away my exact age, but I’m between 10 and 15.
    2. I like Kanani a lot, but I love most of them Historical Characters’ stories.
    3. I guess Grace, because of her hair color and part bangs.
    4. I have five- Amelia(12), Felicity(11), Fawn(9), Violet(8), and Amy(1)!
    5. I think #44 is prettier, but I’d rather #49.
    6. Hmm… This is a bit hard. I like dolls with red hair, green eyes, and freckles. If she had bangs, she’d look too much like #38, so I guess she wouldn’t have them. I guess she’d look like Anne of Green Gables! πŸ™‚
    7. We don’t watch a lot of movies, but I think my favorite one would be Facing the Giants. I don’t know about favorite characters.
    8. Probably Lanie’s meet outfit, but I kind of like both.
    9. I like to play with Playmobil people a lot. (why are there so many doll blogs, but no Playmobil ones???;)) I also like to swim in Summer, play in the snow in Winter, and play FreeCol on the computer.
    10. My favorite foods are carrots and honey. (Interesting how two of my favorite stuffed animals are a bunny and a honey bee?:P) My favorite dessert would probably be ice cream.

    This was pretty fun, but it’s also pretty long. πŸ˜‰



  8. 1. I can’t say, but it ends in -teen!
    2. My first, #23 who I named Sammie
    3. Saige, but my hair is a lot curlier
    4. 16, plus two bitty babies and a pair of twins
    5. 49! I got her this summer and named her Alaska
    6. Super curly brown hair, fair skin, blue eyes and freckles, like me!
    7. Soul surfer, but I’m not sure who my favorite character is.
    8. Lanie’s
    9.piano, skiing, or going to church
    10. Bacon, and my favorite dessert is chocolate cake with caramel


      • Yep. She’s the closest doll they have to me. I don’t have a lot of visible freckles, though. And my hair isn’t as curly as her’s. But my hair color matches her’s like perfectly.



      • Yeah, I look like Nicki but my hair is extremely curly. Like, a kind of curly American girl hasn’t even discovered yet.


      • Yeah,AG could go curlier. My eyes aren’t truly blue like Nicki’s. Mine are gray, look blue a lot, and occasionally look green, so I call them grayzel (gray hazel). πŸ™‚



  9. 1. A teenager (wish I could say more, but I can’t)
    2. Mia, GOTY 2008, definitely. I love her hair – if you look at it in sunlight you’ll see it has lots of golden-red highlights – and I think she has a very lovable, permanently sarcastic expression on her face. She’s definitely my fave. ❀
    3. Hmmm…..none of them really do….but I guess the closest would be this one with green eyes.
    4. 11
    5. I don't think they look too alike at all! And definitely 49 – she's actually the doll I want next! πŸ™‚
    6. Um…..probably auburn-brown, long, wavy hair and grey eyes.
    7. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. And Jack Sparrow. Who doesn't love him?
    8. Lanie's, definitely.
    9. Write stories.
    10. My favorite food is chocolate lava cake, which is a dessert, but I guess my favorite non-dessert would be lasagna.


  10. 1. No answer πŸ˜‰
    2. All around fav doll….I’m sort of obsessed with Eden (GOTY Grace) so either her, or Isabelle.
    3. Isabelle
    4. Ummm….I’ve lost count, if you mean all around how many (AG, EAH, Barbie, Disney) I have no idea! But just AG I think 14 or 15
    5. #44, i think they look nothing alike, only face mold and skin tone.:)
    6. I’ve so wanted to make a custom doll that has the Marie Grace face mold, brown eyes, and a white wavy wig.:)
    7. Frozen, and Elsa.:) (cliche, yes, I know!;D)
    8. Lanie
    9. Draw
    10. I love pizza, and favorite dessert…cheesecake!:)


  11. Ok, I said my custom doll would have a Marie-Grace face, Mia freckles, and red shoulder length hair, but I also just wanted to say what my exact look-alike would be like. πŸ™‚ She would have weirdly colored eyes that are a mixture of green, hazel, and blue. (My eyes are really an odd color) feathered eyebrows, long brown hair with natural blonde highlights, freckles, and light skin. Wow. If AG was to make a doll like that… She would be so different from any other dolls. Lol πŸ™‚


    • My eyes are that color, too! Mine are mostly gray. Your custom you doll would be cool. I wish AG would really let people customize their own doll. Too bad they don’t. 😦



  12. 1. 13
    2. I can’t choose.
    3. I don’t know! I have Kirsten’s hair, but I have grey eyes and sidebangs.
    4. 8(in my doll family) And a few cloth dolls and the like.
    5. #49(I think that the two differ quite a bit)
    6. I’d like a MAG with grey eyes, dirty blonde hair, and light sprinkling of freckles.
    7. I have quite a few favorite movies, and many favorite characters!
    8. Mckenna’s outfit
    9. I love to read with a cup of hot cocoa, tea, or coffee. I also love getting together with my friends and chatting with my BFF!
    10. Favorite food: It really depends. Sometimes I feel like something, sometimes I don’t!
    Favorite dessert: 7- Layer bars and brownies

    This was really fun Morgan!


  13. This is an awesome idea!
    1. All I can say is that I’m a teenager πŸ™‚
    2. Felicity, most certainly!
    3. Personality wise, Felicity and Isabelle.
    4. Wow, I just counted and I have 8!
    5. Hmm, MAG#44. I think they look to much alike.
    6.I don’t really know, I have to think about that…
    7. Probably The Lord of the Rings movies and the Hobbit movies! There are so many good characters, I can’t pick my favorite!
    8. Lanie’s!
    9. Either reading or dancing πŸ™‚
    10. Indian stir fries, and Fudge!


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