Ugly Doll Outfit Contest

Hi, girls! I’m watching Anne of Avonlea and blogging for you guys right now. I took these pics on Monday. I dressed one doll and my little frousin, Lauren dressed the other.


First, we have my outfit on Natalie. We have a headband with ribbons tied to it, a pink zebra shirt, a red fuzzy vest, a purple vest, and an orange polka-dot skirt over a black and gray plaid dress. Then, we have black lace tights over green leggings and blue sneakers.


Lauren dressed Jaicee. Jaicee is like, “No, why are you posting this picture???” She has 2 skirts on her head, as well as a pair of undies, and an old Samantha wig. Then there is a red shirt bunched up on her shoulder, a pink cowgirl shirt on backwards, a jean skirt, striped pj pants, a leotard on her leg, mittens on her feet, and a witch corset dragging on the ground from her feet.

So, vote below which outfit you think is uglier.


13 thoughts on “Ugly Doll Outfit Contest

  1. LOL! That’s so funny! At first glance I thought that Jaicee’s skirts on her head was a huge elaborate pirate’s hat!;D I think that Jaicee’s outfit is uglier!;)


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