Contest Results

Hey, girls! Here are the contest results from last month.

The winner of the Who Looks Better is…


Lorie! She won by five votes.

The winner of the School Uniform Contest is…


Carli! Congrats to M&M for dressing her.

The winning name for the Name That Doll is…


Abigail! I like this name a lot, and it fits really well for her.

Well, that’s all for now!


15 thoughts on “Contest Results

  1. Congrats to the winning dolls/name! Just to let you know, I accidentally deleted the comment you commented on my Who Looks Better In It post so you might want to go and comment again. Sorry about that.



  2. I am not trying to bother you AT ALL, but you recently commented on my blog that you figured out how to follow me… It says you are not following me, I completely understand if you do not want to follow my blog, but I wanted to let you know.


    • Don’t worry. You aren’t bothering me. I’m pretty sure I followed you, I got the feedburner subscription email etc., but I’ll see if I can make sure I followed you.



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