What’s Going On?


What do you think Helena (left) and Jaicee (right) are saying? Leave a comment below and I’ll pick the one I like best. Have fun!


4 thoughts on “What’s Going On?

  1. Jaciee- “Helana! You have to pick an outfit! We probably have gone through at least a hundred outfits!”
    Helana- “But I’ve already worn all of them! I have to wear a new one!



  2. Helena: This dress just isn’t POOFY enough!
    Jaicee: Really, I think it’s great.
    Helena: No! Have you seen what women wore in that time? They all looked to have MASSIVE hips!
    Jaicee: Alrighty then… but must our skit be TOTALLY historically accurate?
    Helena: Yes! Just a few more layers…
    Jaicee: *rolls eyes and waits*


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