Probably Goodbye for Now




Hey, girls! As you may have noticed, I really haven’t been posting on here much. It’s been super fun to have a blog, but I honestly don’t have a ton of time or motivation for it. I’ve been trying to get ready for college since I’m going next month, and I will probably only bring one doll with me there. I still love my dolls, but not as much, I guess. I really enjoyed getting back on an approving comments, but I hardly go on the computer right now. I’m still going to leave this blog up so you can look at old posts if you want, and I may occasionally post on here, but I haven’t really been and it’s not a priority in my life. I’m so glad to have met so many of you on here. Thank you SO much for your sweet, encouraging comments. I’m so glad that you guys like my blog and I don’t think I’m gone for good. So, talk to you when I talk to you. Thanks so much for everything.




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