New AG Products: Mixed Feelings

Hey! As many of you know, I no longer support the American Girl company. The other day I looked on their website just to see what they’ve been doing with themselves these days. I have some likes and some dislikes. Get ready for a rant.

Create Your Own

I love this idea! I wish they’d had this when I was still buying dolls! I actually have gone on there just to have some fun and invent dolls that I always imagined. But, $200?? For a doll???? That’s a lot! Shouldn’t surprise me though.

Truly Me™ Doll #74 + Everyday AccessoriesTruly Me™ Doll #77 + Everyday Accessories

Boy dolls! About time! I always thought it would be cool if they did this. But now, they’re putting my grandma out of business. 😦 I really like the blonde boy and the African American boy.

Luciana™ Doll & Book

Luciana Vega

First of all, I think she’s super cute and I like her hair! But, she’s a lot like several other GOTY dolls. We just had Grace, who had side bangs and the same face mold, and Lea, who had the same face mold and medium skin. It just seems like they aren’t being as creative as they could be. And…SHE WANTS TO GO TO MARS?????? Totally unrealistic! Like, sure, encourage girls to dream big, but they oughta keep them grounded in reality.

Z Yang

Z™ Doll, Book & Accessories

Ok, really AG? It looks like they took a bunch of products they’d already made, slapped them on a doll they’d already made, gave her a name, and started selling her. She looks like she’s a bunch of leftovers.

Gabriela McBride

Gabriela™ Doll & Book


It kinda bothers me that she’s still around. It’s like Girl of the Year and a Half now. And she also was a doll that was already made, too.

Nanea Mitchell

Nanea™ Doll & Book

I love her! She is sooo pretty! So glad she’s part of my doll family now!

So, yeah, mixed feelings. They’re doing some cool stuff and other things that I don’t like too much. What are your thoughts?


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