ASK Part 6

Hey, everybody! I’m sooo sorry. This is long overdue. My life has been so busy. My baby sister was in the hospital with RSV, but she’s better now. I had my senior piano recital and did my ACT test, so I have had a lot of things to do lately.  But without further ado, Shayne will take it from here.

I woke up starving. My sisters and Daniella lay asleep. Caroline sat awake.


“Oh, hi, Shayne. I couldn’t sleep. I was just thinking about what I used to do with my husband before he died,” she said, blinking at tears in her light blue eyes.


“You must miss him a lot,” I said, and then added, “I know I miss my aunt.”

“Yes, it’s been four years, but I still miss him so much every day. Well, I’m going to try to get a little more sleep now.”

I left the shelter to stretch my legs. I only intended to stay out there a little bit. I didn’t want to be out alone. At that moment, Rupert came out of the guys’ shelter.


“Hey,” I said.

“Hey,” he replied.

“Liam still asleep?”

“No. He’s not in there. I’m not sure where he went.”

“I’m so hungry. Are you?”

“Yeah. You wanna to try to find something to eat?”

“Well, we’d need a third person.”

“I’ll go with you!” Ginny poked her head out of the shelter doorway.


“Okay, let’s go.”

The three of us tromped through the forest, searching for plants we could eat.


“Here. We can eat these ferns,” Rupert said.

“Wow, really? You’re so smart. I wouldn’t have known that,” Ginny said.

“Did you ever think of being a Girl Scout, Ginny?” Rupert said.

“Well, not really. But even if I was, I’d never be as good as you.”

I rolled my eyes. Ginny never complimented boys unless she liked them. We munched on the ferns as we continued looking for more food. The ferns tasted just okay. I wouldn’t have eaten them if I had other options but at this point food was food. As we neared the ocean on the right side of the island (according to where we landed), we came to a swampy area. I would have turned back, if I hadn’t noticed what I did. Rupert saw it, too. He stared.

“Is that what I think-?” Ginny said, but didn’t go on.

I cringed. “I think so.”

“Maybe we should go make sure,” Rupert said.

I nodded, reluctant, not wanting to get muddy or to see this, because from here, it didn’t look pretty. Rupert rolled up his pants and we stepped into the mud. I sank in to about my mid-calves. I took a few more steps, and then the mud came up to my waist.

“Eww!” I exclaimed.

We trudged through the mud, finally making it to the other side, to solid ground, where


Liam’s body lay.


Just like Aunt Lorelei, blood covered his body. Ginny screamed and started crying. She hugged me. I put an arm around her. We just stood there for a little while, staring at Liam. I looked at Rupert and Ginny, sick to my stomach.

“So, Liam’s not the murderer,” Rupert said.

I didn’t respond, still shocked.

Then I noticed the ground. “Guys, look!” I said, pointing.

“What?” Ginny said, looking up and pulling away from me.

“It’s the word, ‘ask’ again.”

The mud sloshed behind us. We turned. A crocodile’s head poked out of the mud just inches from us. I screamed, turned around, grabbed Ginny’s hand and ran. I didn’t even stop to see if Rupert came with us. His scream stopped me. Ginny and I looked back. I was horrified that maybe the crocodile had him. It didn’t yet, but it chased him. We ran the few yards back to him, Ginny grabbed his hand and we ran the fastest I ever had in my life. I looked back. The crocodile lagged behind several yards, but I didn’t stop. I wanted to be out of sight of the thing. When I looked back and didn’t see the crocodile, I kept running a little longer, not wanting it to catch up. Once I was pretty sure we outran the thing, I let go of Ginny’s hand and collapsed onto my back. They joined me on the ground, gasping. After a few minutes, Rupert said, “Well, I can’t say I’m not afraid of anything any more.”

Despite that terrifying experience, I smiled.

After we caught our breath, we got up and continued on, much slower.

“When we explored, we didn’t come over here,” Rupert said. “We should warn the others to stay away from the swamp. That croc must have thought we might take its home.”

“Right, because a swamp is definitely my dream home,” I said.

I saw a person with dark hair with her back to us a few yards in front of us and put my hand out in front of Rupert to stop him. She was too tall to be Natalie. Daniella!

“Let’s see if we can sneak by without her seeing,” I whispered.

Rupert and Ginny nodded, but Daniella turned around.

“Well, you three look muddy.” She walked toward us.

“What are you doing out alone? You just left Natalie and Caroline without a third person!” I said.

“I can’t stand Caroline anymore. I just needed some fresh air by myself. And besides, Liam was in the other shelter.”


She seemed to have no idea about Liam’s death, but she could have been faking that..

“No, he wasn’t. He was gone when I woke up,” Rupert said.

“Well, I’ll look for him. You three head back to the shelters so there’ll be more than two people there. Head through the woods that way and you’ll be there soon,” she said, pointing in the direction she meant.

We walked in that direction and as soon as we got out of earshot, I said, “Is it just me, or did she seem kind of suspicious?”

“She seemed to not know Liam was dead,” Ginny said.

“But why would she go off by herself and just leave the others?” Rupert said.

“And another thing, she said she couldn’t stand Caroline anymore. That sounds like something a hateful murderer would say.”

“But we’re all kind of fed up with Caroline. I’m not sure that qualifies her of murder,” I said.

“Who could have killed him?” Rupert said.

“Well, everyone was in our shelter when I woke up. The only person missing was Liam himself.”

“Could he have killed your aunt, then felt so guilty that he killed himself?” Rupert said.

“I don’t think he would have stabbed himself that many times. And there would have been a weapon near the body if he killed himself. I think someone must have killed him in the night.”

We made it back to the shelters. Natalie and Caroline sat inside the girl shelter.

“Hey, guys. Where did you go?” Natalie said.

“We’ve got bad news. Two things. You want the bad, or the really bad first?” I said.

“Let’s go with the bad first,” Natalie said.

“Okay, there are crocodiles on this island, but they’re not near us. If you leave our shelter and go out to the left, then make another left and head that way for a while, you’ll get to a swamp. The crocodiles live there.”

“Oh, I think I know where you mean,” Caroline said.

“Now for the worse news. It’s Liam. He’s dead.”

Caroline stifled a scream and started crying. Natalie looked compassionately sad.

Rustling of bushes and cracking of twigs came from outside.

Daniella entered the shelter. “Guys, this is going to be kind of hard to hear, but you need to know. I just found Liam. And he’s dead,” she said.

“Oh, we-” Caroline said, but then said, “What? How dreadful!” And with that, Caroline burst into what I thought looked like convincing tears, as good as her real reaction.

“What happened to him?” Rupert asked.

“I found him all stabbed to death.”

“Oh, Leo! He’s gone forever!” Caroline wailed.

“Well, we all need to be careful. We really don’t know who did it,” Daniella said.

I felt uneasy the rest of the day. Daniella took charge of us all, not letting anyone go anywhere without her to “protect” us. When Rupert, Ginny and I went to go wash off the mud, she almost came with us except that it would have broken the three person rule. came with us. Other than that, she wouldn’t let us out of her sight. She said she wanted to protect us, but I think couldn’t help but wonder if she had different motives.

I dreaded when night would come. I didn’t want to sleep near the murderer. And the murders always happened at night. It took me forever to fall asleep and every little noise made me jerk awake and look around the shelter to make sure everyone was still there.

In the morning when I woke up, only my sisters lay in the shelter with me. That made me wonder if someone else was dead. But I hesitated to leave. I didn’t want to go find another dead body. And if I always found them, would people think I was the murderer?

A scream interrupted my thoughts. It sounded like Caroline. I didn’t get up. Caroline screamed about everything. She could have just stubbed her toe. Her screaming usually didn’t mean anything serious. I lay back down and tried to go back to sleep.


ASK Part 5

Later that day, Liam said, “Okay, any ideas about a shelter?”

“They taught us how to build one in Scouts,” Rupert said.

“All right, I assume you all want to stay together. So how about we make a guy shelter and a girl shelter right next to each other?” Liam said.

The thought of sleeping in the same shelter with a possible murderer creeped me out, but then, Rupert faced the same position alone. Still, creepier.

“Do you think you’ll need any help from an experienced shelter maker?” Rupert asked.

None of the adults answered, but Ginny said, “Yep.”

“All right. First, we need to find a tree to build against.”

The seven of us walked through the woods for a while, searching for a tree that would work. Caroline tripped, screamed, and then got up and said, “Oh, I think I sprained my ankle!” She limped over to Liam, grabbed his arm, and said, “Oh, Leo, I need help! I don’t think I’ll be fit to do anything strenuous like build a shelter. Can you help me get to the pool? I’m going to die of thirst! And I think water will do my wound some good.”

I rolled my eyes. Caroline wasn’t even bleeding.

Liam sighed, and then said, “I’m sure Daniella would be more suited to stay with you and let you rest.”

“Oh, but Leo, then you wouldn’t be there to protect me!”

“Someone else can go, too. Uhh…”

“I’ll go with you,” Natalie said.

“There. It’s all settled. Daniella’s pretty tough and she and Natalie will be glad to stay with you, won’t you, Daniella?”

Daniella glared at Liam, but she took Caroline’s arm and with more control than I would have managed said, “Let’s go get you that water.”


Daniella and Natalie put their arms around Caroline and helped her limp away.

I thought Liam did a pretty rotten thing, leaving Daniella with Caroline, instead of going himself but I didn’t blame him that much. Who’d want to spend time with her?

The three of us kids continued through the forest with Liam. I wondered if we had just left the murderer behind, or if he stayed with us. After about ten minutes of searching, we found a  tree that had several trunks coming from it  to build both shelters against.


“This is a great place. And it’s not super far from the water, either,” Rupert said.


“All right, kids, let’s go back and tell Daniella, Natalie, and Miss Whiny-Butt that we found a place,” Liam said.

We found Daniella, Natalie and Caroline at the water pool. Caroline gasped as we came up, and then put a hand on her heart and exhaled when she saw it was us. Daniella rolled her eyes.

“We found a good place for shelters,” Ginny said.

“Oh, is it very far?” Caroline asked.

“Not very,” Rupert said.

“I’ll need help getting there,” Caroline said quickly, looking at Liam, but before Liam could respond, Natalie said, “I’ll help you, Caroline.” Natalie always took unwanted jobs to spare other people.

When we reached the spot, Natalie helped Caroline sit on the ground.

“Well, we should lean sticks or some tough grasses up against the tree, then fill in spaces with leaves and mud. Caroline could do the filling in,” Rupert said.  “And we could lay the life raft on top of the girls’ shelter for extra protection.”

“Okay, Daniella and Ginny, go with Rupert to get that life raft, and the rest of us will start gathering sticks,” Liam said.

Daniella sighed and jerked her head, I think, half nodding, and half flicking her black side bangs out of her eyes. I heard her mutter, “Can’t do anything without bossing me around, can he? Just like my ex-husband,” as they left.

Natalie, Liam, and I gathered sticks from the ground, but Caroline just sat there.

When Ginny, Rupert and Daniella returned, dragging the life raft, we showed Rupert the sticks we found. Rupert instructed in finding the best sticks and sent Ginny, Natalie, and Daniella in search of taller sticks. Meanwhile, Rupert and Liam leaned the sticks against the tree. Rupert told me to pile up some mud and leaves for Caroline. After I had a pile, Rupert told me to let the air out of the life raft so we could put it on top of the shelter. I found the air valves and opened them. Then I lay on my stomach on the raft to push the air out. Rupert proceeded to tell Caroline how to put the mud and leaves in the cracks.


“Eww!” Caroline said when she picked up a glob of mud. She dropped it, splattering some mud on Liam’s boardshorts. He clenched his teeth, I think to bite back what he wanted to say.

Daniella and the girls came back with sticks and we continued building. We finished the shelters in about thirty minutes.

After we finished building the shelters, I felt so ready for bed, even though the sun hadn’t set. The heat could really drain you of all your energy. When I voiced this, Caroline exclaimed her exhaustion.

Pretty ridiculous, considering she did the least amount of work of all of us. She mostly had sat there and eventually Rupert and Liam finished filling in the mud.

Caroline went into the girl shelter.

“You guys come here,” I said to my sisters and led them away from everyone else. “I really want to go to bed, and I don’t want you guys out there alone when there’s a killer.”

“But Liam, Daniella and Rupert are still out there. If we stay with them, we should be safe,” Natalie said.

“Still, I don’t want you out with those creeps without me.”

“But Rupert’s not a creep,” Ginny said.

“No, but then which of the grown-ups did it?” Natalie said.

“I have no idea,” I said.

“Well, I guess, let’s go to bed, too, Ginny.”


It seemed like sleep took forever to come. Despite how tired I was, I couldn’t get my mind to calm down. Aunt Lorelei was gone forever. She would never come over or laugh or listen to country music again. She would never hug me again. I missed her so much.


ASK Part 4

Oh, sorry for the inconsistency. I had to change a character’s name. The man is named Liam, not Mikaio.

Caroline’s scream echoed. A little later, she, Daniella, Liam and Rupert came up. I don’t remember a lot of what happened. I was still really shocked. Voices asked if we were okay. Caroline acted all dramatic and everyone looked at us with confused and sorry expressions. Voices jumbled together. I tried to make them all out.

“Are you girls all right?”

“I wonder why the word ‘ask’ was written there,” a high-pitched voice said.

“I don’t know, but I’ll find the killer!”

“Calm down, and have some sense, boy!” a low voice retorted.

“Maybe people live on this island and weren’t happy to find an intruder,” another voice said.

A whimper. “Natives! Oh, Daniella, how dreadful!” The high voice.

“Come and sit down,” someone said, and took my hand and led me to a place where I sat.

“Caroline, you stay with the girls while Daniella, Rupert and I go search the island for natives. We should always have at least three in a group, so no one else winds up dead. And we should check the community pile to see if any knives are missing,” Liam said.

We were near the site of the previous night’s fire, but we sat in the shade of the trees.



. I put my arms around both my sisters. I didn’t know what else to do to comfort them when I felt the same way they did. Caroline, my sisters, and I sat silently for a long time. Aunt Lorelei is dead was the only thought that went through my mind.

A twig snapped.

“Oh, my goodness, natives! Natives! They’re going to finish us off!” Caroline exclaimed, throwing her arms into the air.


But a native didn’t appear behind Caroline. Liam came up, followed by Daniella and Rupert.

“No, it’s just us,” Liam said.

“Oh, my goodness, Leo! It’s just you!” Caroline said, gasping, jumping up, and grabbing Liam’s large bicep. “I thought for sure that horrendous native came back for another murder!”



Liam rolled his eyes and wrenched her hand from his arm. “From what we can tell, there aren’t natives here,” he said, some of his annoyance with her coming out in his tone.

“What, you mean…?” Caroline said.

“Yes. Someone right here did it.”

I looked around at each person’s face. One of these people killed my aunt? That was even worse than a possessive native killing her.


My sisters and I had survived with these people and we were supposed to be helping each other. How could we do that if we didn’t know who we could trust?

Caroline panted, like she might pass out. “How can we all be safe, Leo?”

“Like I said, always have at least three people present in a group. That way, whoever the murderer is, they won’t take the chance of revealing themself to the third person. And a knife is missing from the community pile.”

“Oh, Leo, it’s so scary! I feel rather faint!” Caroline said, grabbing Liam’s arm again.

“You’ll be fine. And don’t call me Leo. My name is Liam. Anyway,” he said, jerking from Caroline’s grasp. “Is there anything any of us can do for you three right now?” he asked my sisters and me.

“Well, if you want, I could use some help burying my aunt. I don’t want my sisters to see her like that,” I said.

“Of course. We adults can do that. Right, Caroline and Daniella?”

Daniella shrugged, and said, “Yeah, sure.”

“Ugh, do you know how long that would take?” Caroline exclaimed. “That would be so hard!”

“It wouldn’t be hard if you didn’t whine and just dug,” Liam said. “You should come, Caroline. It’ll help toughen you up.”

Caroline looked slightly put out at Liam’s insulting her toughness, but what did she expect? Probably also the fact that Liam had no interest in her, despite her flirtations, upset her. If I was a guy, though, I would have no interest in her either. She was so annoying!

“I could help if you want,” Rupert said.

“No, you stay here. You don’t need to see that again either. You’re only, what, nine?” Liam said, walking backwards in the direction of Aunt Lorelei’s body.

Rupert shrugged and said, “Yeah.”

“Well, I guess we will, to be a help to you in this hard time, Shayne,” Caroline said, making it obvious in her tone that she still didn’t want to. She put her arm around my shoulders, as if she thought that would comfort me.


. I pulled away. She looked at me. “Sunburn,” I said. Also, I didn’t want her touching me.

She ran to join Liam, who turned around and picked up his pace to a fast walk, leaving her. Caroline then tried to converse with Daniella, but Daniella made no motion to talk back. Liam and Daniella were acting really immature. But who would want to talk to a person who irritated the fire out of everyone?

Rupert knelt by the place the fire was the night before. A pile of sticks lay nearby. I guessed someone gathered them last night. He rubbed two sticks together. I rolled my eyes. I doubted he’d actually be able to start a fire.

“I’m making a fire so if any planes pass overhead, they’ll see it and rescue us,” Rupert said.

I couldn’t have cared less about a fire in this sweltering weather, but the idea of planes seeing the fire made sense. I did want to get off this island.To be honest, though, Aunt Lorelei’s death had kind of driven thoughts of getting off the island from my mind.

Actually, Rupert did get a fire started. Then, he joined us. I sat there a while, until I felt like I’d die if I didn’t get water and something to eat.

“Anyone know where we can get some water?” I asked. “I’m so thirsty.”

“Earlier this morning, I explored a bit and found a pool of water. I drank some, and I’m still alive,” Rupert said.

“Great. Where is it?” I said.

“Do you think we’ll be safe?” Natalie asked.

“It’s no safer here than anywhere else on this island. Plus, I don’t think any of you guys killed your aunt, and I didn’t, so the murderer isn’t even with us right now. And we’ll be safe in a group, like Liam said. Besides, we need water,” Rupert said. “Come on, I’ll show you.”

Rupert led us through the trees, past where we slept the night before. The shade of the trees made me thankful; the ground didn’t burn my feet so much. After walking a while, we reached a small, round pool about five yards from the base of the mountain. I looked up at the mountain. A dark hole about 90 feet up looked like a cave. Too bad. No way would I climb that high, otherwise, I’d stay in there. I knelt, cupped water in my hands and drank. It was so refreshing, despite its lukewarm temperature. We all drank some.

When we’d finished drinking, we searched for food. Rupert showed us where he found the berries the day before, and we ate enough to fill us up. Rupert said he needed to add wood to his fire, so he gathered up sticks. Then, we went back to the edge of the trees near the fire and sat in the shade. Rupert went and put the sticks on the fire, and then sat next to Ginny.Ginny and Rupert chatted, but Natalie and I didn’t say much. I didn’t feel like talking, still caught up in the fact of Aunt Lorelei’s death. How would Dad and Mom feel? I longed for them and home more than anything.


Natalie put her head on my shoulder and looked up at me. “Shaynie, I want to go home,” she whispered.


I put my arm around her and leaned my head on hers. “I know. So do I.”

A little later, Rupert said, “Hey, guys?”

“Yeah?” we responded.

“I know you’re really upset about your aunt and I hate to bring it up, but I can’t get this really weird thing out of my mind. Next to her body, there was a word made out of sticks. It said ‘ASK’.”

“That’s weird,” I said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Ginny said.

“The only thing I can think is that the murderer wants us to ask who it is. But I’m not asking anyone. I don’t want to be killed. But I guess it would be okay, because I would go to Heaven,” Rupert said.

“How do you know you would go to Heaven?” Natalie asked.

I wondered how she managed to link practically everything to the gospel.

“Umm, I think that if you die as a child you go to Heaven. Or it’s if you’re a good enough person.”

“Well, God made the first people perfect, but they did something wrong. Wrong things people do are called sin. We all sin. And sin can’t be around a perfect God,” Natalie said.

“Hey, I’m not that bad a person,” Rupert said.

“But still, you’ve done at least one wrong thing in your life, right?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Well, because God loves us so much, He came to earth as a baby named Jesus, grew up, and let men kill Him to take the punishment for our sins. But because Jesus is God, he came back to life three days later, and now He’s in Heaven.

“So,” Natalie continued, even though Rupert started doodling in the sand with a stick, not paying much attention to her, “if we believe Jesus is God, came to earth, died for our sins, and came back to life, and we trust Him as the only way for our sins to be forgiven, God becomes our Father. Then one day, whether we die, or He comes back to earth, He’ll take those who have trusted Him to Heaven to live there with Him forever. He loves you, Rupert, and He wants to be your Heavenly Father.”

Rupert didn’t respond.

The adults came back a few hours later. It scared me to know for sure that my aunt’s murderer was in our company. Caroline complained that she would die of thirst if she didn’t get water “right this minute!” So we showed the adults the pool. When we got there, Caroline hesitated. I guess she thought there might be something harmful in the water, but her thirst seemed to overcome her fear, because she took some in her hands and drank.

“I want to see the grave,” Natalie said.

“Are you sure that would be a good idea, sweetheart?” Caroline said.

“I want to see it,” Natalie said, a little more firmly. “It’ll help make it real to me.”

“Of course. You girls can come with me,” Liam said.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see it. I already knew Aunt Lorelei was dead. I had seen her body with my own eyes. But my sisters hadn’t. They would probably want me there. So, I got up and went with them after Liam. He led us to the place where I had found the body.

The freshly dug dirt had a cross made of sticks sticking out of it.

“The cross was Daniella’s idea. She thought it would be a nice touch,” Liam said. “Do you want me to say some words?”

I shook my head. Words would do no good. He hadn’t even known Aunt Lorelei. What good were words when my heart hurt so much?

Ginny put both arms around me and her head on my shoulder. Natalie hugged me from the other side. They both were crying.



I wanted to cry too. But that would mean I was weak, wouldn’t it? I didn’t want Liam to see me cry and I didn’t want my sisters to feel like I was weak.

We stayed there for a while, not saying anything.


Then Natalie said, “Well, at least she’s in Heaven. We’ll see her again.”

“How do you know?” Liam said.

“Because she believes Jesus is the only way to Heaven and that He died for her. Do you believe that, Liam?”

“I don’t know. Maybe I should.”

“Well, I’ll pray for you.”

We left the grave and joined the rest of the group back near the water pool.

-Shayne (and MorganAshley)


Doll Christmas Outfits

Hey! I actually managed to get my dolls dressed for Christmas the day after Christmas. Some are fancy and some are more comfy. I didn’t have enough to do all in the same kind of clothing.

Johnnie Ray

I based Lorie’s outfit on the adorable hat my brother Nathan got me for Christmas.


You can’t see very well, but she’s wearing the new Felicity shoes my brother got me. I had lost one of mine a long time ago and kept the other in the hopes that one day I’d fine the other one, but Nathan got me a new pair! Thanks, buddy!


She’s wearing the last present for my dolls that Nathan got me, new purple glasses! I put them on a few dolls, but when I put them on Bella, I was like, “They are so hers!”

Aren’t they cute? I’ll have to do a photoshoot with her soon so her profile pic can have her in her glasses.

I hope you enjoyed. Which outfit is your favorite? Did you all have a good Christmas? Any new additions to your AG collections?



Profile Pictures!

Hey, guys! As you may have noticed, some of the photos on my blog became little black x’s, including the profile pics on the Meet My Dolls page. This is because I had to delete photos from my WordPress to make room for more. Hence, a bunch of the dolls’ profile pics were deleted. But I took some pics yesterday, and now all my dolls have a profile picture again! I’m pretty happy with most of them. I might re-do Toby’s and Johnnie Ray’s. Anyway, check them out if you so desire. I hope you like them! I also changed my little profile picture.


Happy Easter!

Hey, people! I’m back! I had a great trip, and I’m glad to be back. I have some news for y’all.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

I got a new doll! Yeah, I know, I just got four. I’m not usually this spoiled. I had a babysitting job, so I already had some money, and I found this Nicki doll on eBay for $72 because her hair has been chopped and the seller didn’t know what they had, which was lucky for me.


I got Nicki to look like me, because our hair is practically the same color. I don’t care for her haircut, but we’re going to AGP Tysons Corner on Thursday and my Mommom is lending me the money to get her a new head!


A kinda blurry close-up of her face. I have named her Meghann Ariana, the MA after myself (Morgan Ashley), and the Ariana I got from Ariana Dumbledore.


I also dressed all the dolls up for Easter. They all want to wish you a Happy Resurrection Day! “He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.” -Matthew 28:6


Here are close-ups of everyone. Left to right, Bella, Alissa, Toby, Caroline, Georgie, and part of Kendra’s head.


Georgie, Kendra, Ciara, Helena, Chental, Jaicee, and half of Natalie.


Part of Chental, Jaicee, Natalie, Meghann, Carli, Shayne, Chai.


Half of Carli, Shayne, Chai, Ginny, and Lorie.

They’re excited we’re back and that they have a new sister. I’ll post pics from the trip when I have some more time. Got to get to bed. The trip was pretty tiring, (I had a nice long nap today), and I have school tomorrow.

Bye, Morgan

Flashlighting: Chai’s Photoshoot

Hey, girls! One of the benefits of homeschooling is that I can sleep in sometimes. But choosing to do that this week means that I didn’t have much internet time the past few days because I was doing school. But a few days ago, I decided to do a photoshoot with Chai using a flashlight for my lighting. Enjoy!


She’s sitting in a chair in the living room.


Her face looks a little bleached in this one. Because this tended to happen, I tried to shine the light on places other than her face.


I really like this one. It’s like she has a spotlight on her!


Another angle.




I like this one. 🙂


Kinda bleachy face again, but her eyes look cool.


I like this one a lot!


Her eye looks really big in this picture.




Close-up of her jacket. It’s from the current MyAG True Spirit Accessories Set.



Telling a spooky story. Mwa ha ha ha ha!



Dark and mysterious.


This is my favorite picture of the whole photoshoot. I think it’s so cool!


This one strikes me as kind of creepy for some reason. The fan almost looks like it’s a hair accessory.


The spotlight’s on you, Chai!


Different lighting position. I think I like the other one better.


Notice her reflection in the floor.


This one is creepy. 🙂


Behind the white curtain.


And behind the black curtain.


Behind this curtain and with the street light in the background, she makes me think of a ghost.




Last pic. The mirror picture with the black and white filter.

I think Chai was a great, stunning model and I like the light and shadows contrast. If I made one of these pictures Chai’s profile pic, which one would you want it to be? Hope you enjoyed the photoshoot. I had fun doing it.