An Issue I Must Address

Hey, everyone. I wanted to tell you my stand on a particular subject. I will be brief since this a G-rated blog that children read. I have decided to no longer buy from American Girl because I found out recently from Lainey’s blog that American Girl supports gay marriage. I don’t support gay marriage because the Bible says that it’s wrong. Therefore, I don’t want to give my money to a company that supports it. I will still post about my dolls, but I will no longer purchase anything from the American Girl company.


15 thoughts on “An Issue I Must Address

  1. I received an AG catalog in the mail months ago. In it, there was an article about a girl who had 2 dads under the same roof. I was upset to see that AG would include such immoral and controversial content in a CHILDREN’S catalog. I immediately called them and asked to be removed from their list and told them why. I admire your integrity and your decision, Morgan. You do a great job blogging and are quite the photographer! Keep it up. ❤


  2. Good for you, Morgan, for standing up for what you believe in! I absolutely do not support gay marriage either, and obviously don’t buy from AG anymore because of this. 🙂


  3. Yeah, I heard about that and don’t think it is right. It is one thing to believe it but a whole another story to post about it for younger children to read. I really think that American Girl should have kept that to themselves. That is so sick what they did. I still buy from American Girl ocasinally, but I decided to cut back on how much and what I buy. I understand every word you said and 100 percent believe in your desicion.



  4. I totally understand. I am continuing to shop from them but not nearly at the capacity that I was before. I plan on buying dolls from them but everything else from other brands or eBay. However I totally support your decision and I believe that if God is telling you to stop shopping there you should listen to Him. I am so disappointed in American Girl and I sent them a LONG email about how it was wrong for them to be corrupting the minds of little girls and breaking the trust of parents who thought AG was a wholesome, safe company. I’m not renewing my subscription to AG magazine and I think God has been telling me how important it is now more than ever to share His word and the Gospel through our doll blogs to reach these girls. I’m very proud to be your online friend 🙂


  5. I support your decision completely. I used to be all over American Girl when I was younger, until I found out another non-Biblical issue. American Girl also supports (and has for years) Planned Parenthood. What a sad world we live in. 😦


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